Bilateral Associations

HAN has forged a broad network of national and international contacts so that our members can gain their expertise, acquire valuable insight into the latest industry developments as well as acquire solutions to the industry's challenges and priorities.

The international network will further ensure consistency in service standards and gain knowledge of new technology and management techniques. Today, HAN has bilateral relations with hotel associations of Singapore, India, China, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bhutan, Thailand, and Malaysia.




Policy and regulation plays a significant role in the development of this sector. Therefore HAN has created positive and pragmatic partnerships with various government agencies.

HAN is the only representative of tourism sector in the National Planning Council and therefore influences positively in the government's decision-making process pertaining to tourism in order to create a robust policy and regulative framework to achieve our objectives allowing our industry to deliver growth.

HAN also has partnership with Nepal Tourism Board and works together in various promotional activities as a commitment to deliver our ambitious agenda.