Our Mission

HAN's mission is to facilitate the full potential of Nepal's hotel and tourism industry by raising concerted voice to make conducive environment for the growth of this sector. HAN aims at serving its members by fulfilling their needs and building partnerships in a socially responsible and sustainable manner.

Our Vision

HAN envisions itself to become the national driving force to achieve world-class vibrant hotel industry with the private sector leadership, which will fuel the country's development.

Our Objective

Our objective is to protect and promote our member hoteliers so they can prosper and progress. HAN emphasis lies in the adaptability and creativity in the hospitality industry, which ensures not just adapting change but anticipating change and in essence to forge its way to a global market.

To achieve our goal of helping our member hoteliers become more competitive and successful we have set our objectives as follows:

  • To promote the hotel industry and to protect the lawful rights of its members.
  • To create uniformity in the rules of administration and management of the hotels and other hospitality businesses.
  • To raise the standard of the hospitality service by interchange of personnel, assistance in staffing of hotels
  • through education and trainings in the fields of hotel industry.
  • To investigate and inquire into all the issues and problems faced by the members.
  • To develop laws related to the hospitality industry and tourism sector and raise voice against any laws detrimental to the development of this industry.
  • To further international partnership and cooperation.
  • To promote good relationship and understanding among the employee and employers within the industry.
  • To undertake arbitration towards the settlement of disputes between:
  • Members of the association
  • Members of the association and employees
  • Members and other individuals
  • To promote co-operation among national, international and regional organizations related to the hospitality and tourism industry

HAN's role as a pressure group

HAN has also been playing a role of pressure group in resolving the issues related to tourism sector such as environment, pollution, strikes, labor problems, aviation etc. HAN has been raising concerted voice to resolve the issues in the national and international forum. In doing so HAN's President has represented its members in different governmental as well as international committees and organizations. The Potential

Travel and Tourism is one of the world's fastest growing business segments. In Nepal, tourism industry earns 24 percent of the total foreign currency and provides 200,000 direct employments. According to WTO one incoming tourist in a particular country provides direct and indirect employment to nine persons.

Hotel industry can play a significant role in the growth of the tourism industry that generates 33 percent of the total revenue to the Government. It becomes incumbent to the hoteliers to contribute in this growth by successfully managing the real estate assets and by fulfilling the needs of the guests.

Hospitality is Nepal's one of the largest industry and could generate additional jobs across the country. Realizing the job creation potential of the industry HAN is raising awareness across government, media and the general public of the importance of hotel industry and the crucial role it plays in the Nepal's economy.

HAN is working along with the government to make Nepal a world-class destination for tourism contributing to the economic growth.

Hotel Association Nepal (HAN) is the leading representative organization in the hospitality industry, representing more than 300 hotels, resorts and guesthouses of Nepal. HAN is the official voice of Nepal's hoteliers that safeguards their lawful interests and promotes unity and co-operation among its members.