Respected all,


With the slogan of 'Home of Hospitality' Hotel Association Nepal has been consistently striving to uplift

the standards of hotels in Nepal. Since its inception in 1966, HAN has been pushing forward its multiple

issues to government authorities for preparing a ground for investment and conducive environment for

the development of this sector. It has also been lobbying with authorities to facilitate on the operational

issues occurring on a daily basis.  

Respected all,

Smooth operation of hotel is prerequisite for the service industry. The situational updates on the rules,

regulations and coordination plays a pivotal role for the same.

As a host, we request fellow hoteliers to offer utmost satisfaction to your guests and also ensure that

they follow set rules and regulations while staying with you. Similarly, it is also our sincere request to all

guests to help operate hotel with your full support as you are the member of your hotel family at least

for some time.

The success of hospitality is established when harmony between guests and hosts is well maintained.

We welcome you all to Nepal and wish you a pleasant stay with us.

If you have any queries and concerns. Kindly notify me at or at my official

mobile no. +977 9851031495.

Thank you.



Chief Operating Officer