Namaskar. Welcome to Nepal & Greetings from Hotel Association Nepal..!
Dear guests, friends and fraternity,
Since its foundation in 1966 AD, Hotel Association Nepal (HAN) has been at the forefront as the apex body of hotels in Nepal. As a champion of service quality and a pioneer of tourism development, we have treasured the very spirit of 'Home of Hospitality' at heart. From the low elevation of 60 meters to the highest Everest region, HAN has a strong network of more than four thousand standard hotels in Nepal. These include five star deluxe hotels, luxury boutique and heritage hotels, luxury resort to tourist standard hotels, which are dedicated to offer unique products and standard service to our valued guests round the year.

As the 14th president, I am pleased to continue the glory of the industry and further commit to contribute my level best to enhance the hospitality industry and its standards paring Nepalese originality with global requirements. Tourism and Hospitality industry transcends national boundary and dealings. The wants of global market, requirements and preferences are ever changing. This calls for smart delivery of services. The post‑covid world of tourism and hospitality has experienced a paradigm shift in terms of service and operational modality. Nepalese Hospitality has also kept abreast of the happenings and requirements of global hospitality market and Nepalese hospitality industry can cater to four million guests.

Respected friends,
Hospitality is more than accommodation and a mere service‑offer. It is the experience and sweet memory harbored. We have placed high hope that our guests will get full satisfaction from the well-blended service standards from our hotels. With the entry of world class chain hotels in Nepal together with existent traditional heritage hotels of Nepal, the service pairs well with the needs of the guests and we cater to the very choice of the clients. Quality of service and customer satisfaction is what matters the most to us. The entire effort of this association is primarily oriented towards the same, as we say 'good enough is not enough'.

Valued guests and friends,
To maintain and further enrich the 'tradition of trust of hospitality', we need to go the extra mile by offering superlative service. I therefore request you for the feedback and suggestion, if any, which we take as a beacon of light.
I reserve you 'a home away from home' and enjoy the best of hospitality service from the wonderful Himalayan nation.


Binayak Shah