About Heritage Home Hotel and Guest House

The Newars, the indigenous inhabitants Valley, were renowned for their craftsmanship. It is they who built the numerous pagoda temples and shrines, stone sculptures, metalwork and lavish carvings that you see everywhere. Their workmanship was of such high perfection that the Kathmandu Valley today boasts of seven World Heritage Sites. The architecture of the Newar towns and villages is very appealing. Their red-brick houses have intricately carved wooden windows and doors and sloping tiled roofs. However, in the name of modernization, these beautiful houses and monuments are coming down fast and are being replaced by multi-storied concrete buildings. Here at Heritage Home hotel & guest house, we are committed to preserving and continuing those rich artistic traditions as well as the Valley's tradition of hospitality.

  • Chairman: Mr. Prem Krishna Shrestha
  • General Manager: Mr. Ram Kumar Puri

Sales and Marketing Contact: Mr. Apsara Rana
Phone: 01-4700217/ 4701218 / 4700219
Email: vkpuri.heritagehome@gmail.com

  • 13
    Hotel Rooms


  • Airport Shuttle
  • Free WiFi
  • Multilingual Staff
  • Room Service
  • Restaurant