Coronavirus Press Meet – Joint Press Release from Hotel Association Nepal and the Visit Nepal Year 2020 Secretariat

With China being our neighbor, we have been sharing a bilateral relationship with the country over the years. And, the recent epidemic that has been circling the globe saddens the entire tourism fraternity. We hope for the epidemic to resolve soon and we express our deepest sorrows.

The start of Visit Nepal Year 2020 ushered excitement and joy amidst tourism entrepreneurs. However, the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus in Wuhan City, China in the very starting month of Visit Nepal Year 2020 has affected Nepal and the whole world.HAN and VNY 2020 committee are thankful towards the interventions and efforts made by the Government of Peoples Republic of China to battle this situation.

China is the second largest tourism market. But due to the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus, the flow of Chinese tourists to Nepal in the month of January has decreased. The tourism sector has been affected worldwide because of this epidemic.

We tourism entrepreneurs were moving ahead and will move ahead despite the problems that arise at times due to outbreak of diseases at the national and international level. Visit Nepal Year 2020 has issued a notice on the virus. Hotel Association Nepal has also issued a circular to its member hotels to take necessary precautions with its domestic and foreign guests and take them to a nearby hospital if they show any symptoms. 

The swift and robust measures taken by the Chinese government to protect not only its citizens but also people around the world is commendable. We are pleased to note the progress achieved so far and commend China for its deep commitment, openness, transparency and international cooperation. In the face of such demanding times, China has shown an admirable sense of responsibility and global leadership that has been recognized widely by the international community at large.

The Visit Nepal Year 2020 Secretariat and tourism entrepreneurs remain hopeful that the flow of tourists from India, Bangladesh, Central-Asia and South-East Asia will help in achieving our goal. We are also in the process of introducing special tourism packages once other sources and relevant markets have been identified and discussions with the Government of Nepal, airline companies and other concerned bodies have been conducted.

Although Nepal is trying to take the best precautions with regards to the Coronavirus, the message to the international market has not been well conveyed – due to which hotel booking cancellations is happening on a daily basis and affecting the tourism and hotel industry at large. Thus, we would like to request the media to spread the message that Nepal is taking the best maximum precaution possible and things are under control. In this regard, both Hotel Association Nepal and the Visit Nepal Year 2020 Secretariat expects full cooperation and support from the Government of Nepal, Nepal Tourism Board and other concerned bodies to minimize the effects caused by the Coronavirus in the national tourism industry.