President Mrs Shreejana Rana led the delegation of Hotel Association Nepal to met with newly appointed Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Mr Yogesh Bhattarai on August 16, 2019. The delegates emphasized on current situation of hotel industry including the challenges faced by entire tourism entrepreneurs. Citing the country’s vision to bring two million tourists by 2020, is still a far-fetched notion for the country despite the rising number of outbound travelers from neighboring China and India. President Mrs Rana further stated that lack of proper infrastructure facilities should not be a reason constraining the growth of the tourism sector, which is a sector with the most potential for earning foreign currency and creating more jobs in the country. She also said that bringing two million tourists into the country requires to expedite the development of tourism infrastructure to attract more tourists in the country. HAN has urged the government to set a long-term vision to bring five million tourists by the end of 2030 through promotion of various products and well facilitated infrastructure, among others.